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Suggestions for reconstructing sounds?

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I'm in a cover band that plays a lot of modern pop, so I'd like to be able to recreate the sounds of the original recordings as closely as possible. Any suggestions for learning how to do this efficiently and effectively?


Thank you!



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For guitar,

Hal Leanard publishes a book, see link, it has a shiatload of recipes for getting exactly those sort of sounds, Boss has a a similar catalog. A quite valueable read, and if I were still using single pedals, I might have kept it, but I applied my understanding and expertise it gave me in another direction.

+ the fact I'm forever through with anything BOSS.

Roland on the other hand has surprised me of late, as for some of their stuff I cannot wait.






For keyboards, it's a bit more complicated, Alot of third party developers exist for various models and makes of keyboards, Pro-rec.com is a good one, Sweetwater has a custom soundset that comes free with a Gaia purchase.

All of these are basically presets, some reminiscent of particular songs you are probably familar with. That being said, they are not generic by nature.

ALOT OF TECHNICAL INFO goes into the creation of most modern pop sounds and without a solid foundation of synthesis you aren't really going to get very far without at least some menu diving, editing and preset programming. For basic sounds such as B3's, Rhodes, Pianos and such, most modern boards have a bunch of these type of presets, but for memorable sounds and or effects, there is a level of complexity involved, including but not limited to:

arpegiation, envelope filters and ADSR, Oscillators and lowpass/bandpass filters, modulation, pitch bend, reverbs, delays, and other types of effects on top of the base tone. The more advanced guys around here, {if there's any left} could add a few more tidbits of useful information, but there really aren't too many shortcuts, you just have to learn this stuff on your own, and the modernity of the keyboard you apply it to will be in no small measure how succesful you can be.

The newer the board with modern specs and capabilities, the easier your task will be.

Learn and apply the basic principles of synthesis, and you might come up something much better than you discovered by diving down through the layers of your own keyboard.


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