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how to get started DJing?

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People talk about "years" of learning it. But isn't it just as easy as playing a CD, no insult intended. LOL.


I don't quite get Djing yet other than putting on a record/cd/etc to let everyone else listen to tracks. Is there more to it though? What would be a good starting point? Any videos to watch? I'd prefer something cheap where I could actually get a feel of what it's all about? Below is a $70 Vestax turntable, not sure if that's a good starting point? I'd prefer to spin CDs than LPs though. This Vestax product is USB so does that mean I could only play stuff on my laptop and not CDs? I won't be DJing hip hop so I'm not doing all that scratching. I'm interested in EDM.




are the Numark IDJ series a good start? I see a few used ones that start at $40.


To get to the bottom of this. What is a DJ turntable? My take on it is that since it has 2 slots for a record/CD to play on, that means I can play simultaneously without having to take out to put another one on, etc. My other take on what a turntable is, is that you can pull the disk out faster than a standard CD player so you can replace a disk while the other is playing. Am I getting this right?


I haven't adjusted yet to DJ culture because I came from a rock background. So when someone says DJ ___ is playing at such club, my first thought is "playing" what, you mean "spinning" or playing other people's tunes, via disk? In rock, playing means you are actually playing real instruments to reproduce what was a recorded song. DJing means you are playing a pre-recorded song. Is this about accurate?


But I am showing interest in DJing, I just don't want to spend too much and end up getting bored with it.

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You know my opinion on the genre so I'll spare the reiteration. There is indeed a lot of money to be made if you succeed. The big secret is it's not your decision. In many circles the bad boys have to say you're ok or people wont show even if you pass for getting hired. That might be putting the cart before the horse but that's the in door. In or nothing. Admission is usually very expensive and most don't have it period.


That said, buy the cheap gear. Try it out. Make videos; see what kind of ham you are; see if there's any entertainer in you. You may be a natural; prolly not. Then there's the what it is of it. You gotta know your console so well you can spin a seamless show on the fly, lot of it improvised. You gotta be able to read a crowd; keep it happening; keep 'em excited.

Start on your friends. If you shoot your wad there, well at least you know and can move on to other things. If instead you start developing a passion for it then you need to consider getting starter gigs - which is where I'll stop talking.



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