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FS: Brand New Shure SM57 & Accessories


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BRAND NEW mic. I bought this because I wanted to record with it, but a career change forces me to sell all of my guitar and music equipment to cover training costs. Bittersweet!


Anyways, I bought the mic new in the fall and all I did with it was test some recording gear out. I bought it from guitar center so I knew I wouldn't get a fake.


(The Shure SM-57 is the most duplicated fake out there, so never buy one off of ebay. Just google fake Shure SM-57 and you will get a laundry list of horror stories.)


The mic also comes with the Shure windscreen/mic cover and the Shure storage bag. The cable is a musicians gear cable I believe.


$110 Shippd/PP'd for all of it. Great deal, as the mic normally costs $100 itself.

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