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Korg MicroKey 37 - Case Solution!


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I recently went on a long vacation where I brought my Mac Book Pro running Propellerhead Reason, and used a Korg Micro Key 37 USB controller to compose music on the go (the trip included a lot of train travel, including an Amtrak trip from Los Angeles to New York, so writing music was a great way to pass the time).


Unfortunately, no one makes a case or gig bag for the Micro Key 37. I ended up stuffing it in a canvas bag, half sticking out, when I boarded the train.


But for my later train trips and eventual airplane trip home, I needed an actual case for the keyboard.


Then I found a solution. I walked into a local music store in New Jersey and found some gig bags for ukeleles. I measured them -- they were about 25" long; the keyboard is 22" long. Sensing it would work out, I bought one of the ukulele bags ($20) and tried it out. It was a perfect fit!


I ended up buying a Kala concert ukulele bag (Model UB-C). It's even got a pocket, which I store a USB cable in. If you do choose to get one of these as a case, make sure to have the back of the keyboard face the zipper side so as to not damage any keys.





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Hi everyone, I too just bought the Korg Microkey 37 and i found the perfect hard case for it. Try looking for tackle case/bag that is at least 60cm length. 

1) 60cm lure Hard shell bag length Portable Fishing Rod bag Double Zipper Shockproof Storage.  https//m.aliexpress.com/item/1005001409119608.html?

2) Outdoor Fishing Bags 63cm EVA Shockproof Fishing Tackle Bag Portable Rod and Reel Carry Bag Pole Storage Case with Strap PJ221.  https://m.aliexpress.com/item/4000631402579.html?

I bought the 63cm storage case as it had the option of a strap & additional space for the foot pedal. 

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