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I thought most of you would find this funny:

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Here's how I see making a buying decision ...


If you believe you can hear an improvement and you can afford it ... then buy it.


If you can't hear an improvement but can afford it but would feel better if you had it ... then buy it


If you believe you can hear an improvement but cannot afford it ... you have a dilemma (and may have to sleep in your car for a while);)


If you can't hear a difference and can't afford it ... well that's easy, huh?


So really in the long run, if you paid your money and you are happy with the results, that's all that should matter.


btw ... I found a great little app for Mac computers called ABX Tester (itunes store - free). You load two copies of something in and it labels them A or B. You can listen as many times as you want to either. Then it plays it back randomly 5 times and you have to tell it whether you are listening to A or to B. If you can really hear the difference you should be able to guess correctly about 95% of the time. For example you could take a song that's a wav file and make a mp3 copy of it and see if you can hear the difference ... whatever.

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