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Rigged up a new IEM system for myself

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I recently figured I would give IEM's a try.......I've been playing in bands for years and had been using my trusty SRX 712M's for our monitors. I picked up a set of Shure 215 earbuds and made a dual cable that connects both my bass and the inears to my Yamaha O1v console. I am mixing from stage, so I use the headphone out to drive the earbuds and I assign Aux 1 to the headphone out.

The long and the short of it is that with a little tweaking I've got the best monitor mix I've ever had. I can hear everything perfectly at a reasonable volume....it almost sounds like I'm listening to a CD. I kind of wish I would have tried it years ago. The rest of the band is still using wedges for their mixes and are very happy with them.......but with this band I may never go back! I'm pleasantly surprised.

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