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Thanks to y'all!

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i'm really glad you've found all the info you've needed, and it does sound like you have a solid set up going on there. i might suggest working out a pair of subs, even rentals, for the club gig, there is a certain expectation of patrons and national touring acts to feel the music as well as hear it and your presentation can be greatly improved with some low end support.

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I have been a HC member for a while now, but have spent little time in this sub-forum until recently, when necessity forced me to upgrade my current PA. I went from a very rudementary level of knowledge and bare minimum setup to something that I hope will cover my needs for a little while. I owe the majority of what I have recently learned to the various posters who have taken the time to post their experience and knowledge on various subjects, and I want to say "thank you" publicly. This is an awesome place to learn!

For those that are curious, my current rig is:

Presonus SL 16.0.2 primary

Mackie 1402VZL back up

(2) RCF 312A MK3 FOH speakers

(1) Bose L1 compact (great for coffee house gigs and additional vocal monitor support/backfill)

(4) EV SX300 monitors

(2) Mackie C300 monitors (yeah, I know but I already had them and they will be used for the drummer's monitors)

(2) Crown XLS808 Amps

(1) Crown XLS2000 Amp

(1) Crown XLS202 Amp

(7) Shure SM58's

(5) Shure SM57's

(1) AKG "something" for kick drum

and various outboard gear, a ton of cables, stands and cases to connect and hold it all together.

I still need to figure out what I am going to do for subs, but for the time being, this should be a reasonable set up for getting through some upcoming shows. We are doing two shows with a national touring act (an established act with a smaller following that plays clubs, not a multi-platinum seller that plays arenas) at a smaller club that holds about 150 people in two weeks using our PA. I am hoping the system isn't an embarrassment and I get up to speed fast enough on the SL that I can make it all sound good. We fired it up last night and things went pretty well, but we are still learning.

Thanks again!



Well done. I am running a similar set up except I am using Prx612s over Prx 618XLF (also using EV SX300 for monitors). The 618XLF sub are great!

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