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New column, 'The Gig Kahuna,' just dropped (Friday, November 14th)

David Himes

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I'd add to that: do your research. Google the promoter, look into previous winners and where they are now, and if it's a local event talk to musicians who've seen or preferably played in the event before. Visit the venue and see what the staff say about it there. Also definitely Google "<promoter-name> scam" and see if anything turns up.


But mainly, you don't know what standards they will apply to choose the winner. They might be looking for a specific musical hook or visual image that would result in a band that truly sucks being the best fit to their criteria. So assume you're going to be eliminated in the first round, and see whether that makes it worth doing the show or not -- maybe it is, for an "in" with a venue for example, but if you do one of these you'll need to work it for all it's worth.


And the layout of this site looks like it is from those flashing geocities days, but it can be interesting to read in this context: http://neverpaytoplay.com

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