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Best Condenser Mic for male vocals under $200/£140

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My next 200.00 for a mic goes to; the winner is:

the MXL990XL

$100 today on MF's SDOTD so I ordered one. I need to do some tracking of vocals and acoustic guitar and figure this will be a step up from my cheap Nady SDC's and EV PL84's. Unsure about acoustic guitar though - are they generally recorded with LDC's or SDC's?


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I have one & it sounds terrific . . . with a modest amount of high-shelving ~ 12k
How much are you using? I'm only going to be tracking and making scratch mixes with mine so just need to get in the ballpark of flat for the latter. We supposedly have a pro friend of a relative willing to do the final mixdowns and mastering gratis - short version: the BL's son is an internationally known guitarist in three(?) somewhat known recording and international touring bands...
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