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Alright everyone, time to come back to HCFX


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I think the decision to go with vB5 was two-fold. Number one, we wanted to be back on vB because that's what everyone said they wanted. They went vB5 since it was the latest version, but that was probably before they realized what a mess it really is. Another part of the reason for going with the latest version is security... which is always a concern for us, as it is for any large site.


We've actually been talking about the videos, as well as the front page recently.


Did you know that other than the moderators, there are only four of us who work on HC? Well, four plus the Nucleus software folks... but all the articles, all the reviews and things of that nature are mainly done by four guys. I typically do two articles / reviews per week. I test the #$%^ out of whatever I review - probably too much. But anyway, it takes time to test stuff and write a fair, comprehensive review. Videos also take a lot of time - and frankly, none of us are particularly experts at it. It would be nice to have a video production facility and dedicated video production / editing staff. Maybe we'll get that someday. In the past, we've primarily done videos at trade shows, but running them throughout the year gets old, as you noted. We're definitely considering our options on that matter...




the expert reviews and articles are the best thing about HC. Keep up the good work. I also write reviews for effectsdatabase and I know hom much time and effort it takes to write reviews or articles. Videos, well, I hardly look at videos, I dunno, if it is something totally new, then I would look or if it is a tutorial for something that I need to learn, and videos are time consuming to make and edit, then it makes sense to plug older videos, a lot of these are well made and professional


The front page is not the most attractive layout and look, the nimation in the weekly reviews and the animated ads are annoying. The news section is not really useful, back in the old days news would be in a category Guitars, Effects, Synths, Recording, ..., would make sense to get these headings back, and if one would click on a news items, there could be a "more like this" option, so that visitors would be tempted to stay on the site longer. Search need to be improved. HC has such a wealth of information but it is really hard to find it sometimes. And perhaps a weekly giveaway and annoncement of winner on the front page would make people to come back more often ...


and vB5, well, it is what it is, apparantly there the entire vB5 staff is 2.75 full time employess, 1 fulltime developer who works on the scripts (there used to be 9 fulltime developers at some point), gives me the impression that vB5 is not going to be fixed any time soon.

When HC switched to vB5, vBulletin were market leader, but only 0,9% of vB sites were using vB5, vB is now losing market share.


Commercial Forum Platforms - relative marketshare (jan 17, 2014)

vBulletin – 68.3%

xenForo – 20.1%

Invision – 11.5%


Commercial Forum Platforms - relative marketshare (nov 24, 2014)

vBulletin – 59.3% (-9%)

xenForo – 28.0% (+7.9%)

Invision – 12.7% (+1.2)

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Also how do I edit my sig? Can't find it in user settings.



1. Click on your name, upper right of the screen, and select "user settings".

2. Click on "Account".

3. Scroll down to "Conversation Detail Options" and there's a link to "Edit Post Signature". Make sure the "show signatures" box is checked in this area as well.



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I'm back, i saw alot of you guys back on here and Dendy Jarrett helped me re-establish my account that got way out of whack after the change over and made me leave,


a huge shout out to Dendy - THANKS!!



now what have i missed, has Kestral made an appearance?

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yup, that's true

I took a break from the forum when they made it PG-13, I thought it was censorship, a lot of members left at that point,but it didn't matter that members left because now schools and libraries would start using HC and youngsters would sign up and start posting, didn't happen. Same thing end of 2013 when a big change was announced that would revive the forums, this was the migration to vB5, well, participation is low.

Now traffic is up again, but it's mostly visitors. I don't know where this comes from, If it's the Who's Online Counter in vB5, well that thing does not work (there's a fix in 5.1.3 or 5.1.4), anyway, vB finally fixed it (after 18 months). If I look at the free webstat sites it does not show traffic is up, it's fluctuating up and down, but it's more or less the same as last year, hovering around 115.000 uniqe visitors every month.

I dunno, it probably needs anything from 2 to 5 years to rebuild the community. I hope it is going to happen, but for the moment, it does not seem to be picking up just yet. Contribution and participation seems to be at an all time low.

Someone posted in another thread, it is like walking into an empty bar.





if guys like bieke are coming back, we will rebuild it. i think the censorship sucked as well, big time.


you know, for myself and maybe some other people, HCFX was my 1st internet love, my social media, my outlet and information on music and gear and life.trying to not get all sappy here but i think about the future and the amount of knowledge that is kept in the old crowd, its an amazing thing.

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bieke is still around. We still have filters on, but remember ... back in the day, the internet wasn't in every kids hands. It is now. Since we are corporately owned and coppa compliant AND because google will suppress search with a ding for inappropriate material, we have to keep it somewhat civil. Simply means salty folks have to be a little creative with their language or points.


I totally agree with you on the "old guard" bank of knowledge. Hopefully word will get around that we are in ernest making improvements. Anyway to the dozen or so guys I helped with password resets this morning ... welcome back!


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