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Coming Soon IS About To Arrive!

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Hey Keyboarders! I'm Chris Marion, one of the newer editors for Harmony Central and Gear Weekly. One of the things I am willingly tasked with is jumping into the keyboard section of our forums. I'm not really trying to be a moderator as much as a facilitator. We want Harmony Central to a resource for information and even instruction. Since the title of this particular section of the forums is The Lesson Loft, let me pose a few questions and challenges to you.


How could this section be a better resource?


What is something that you would like to learn to raise the bar on your chops (or in my case…chop)?


Who might be a dream teacher or instructor to give a lesson in our loft?


I wil look forward to your comments and suggestions.


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Getting guys like Stevie Winwood, Chick Korea, Bruce Hornsby or JPJ, to name but a few, to come out of the woodwork for a few minutes of Q & A would be a great start in the right direction, don't know or really care how far you might get without at least a dash of celebrity in the mix...

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