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#recordthis - post your recording rig

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Musician's Friend wants to see your recording rig... if they like it, they might post your pic on their site. For more info, check out this link:




I might post mine, but I posted my pedalboard and they didn't seem interested in that, so maybe they don't like me or something... :(;):D

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Mark, Phil, I would love to see your recording setups. I think its really inspiration to check out other people's setups and layouts, no matter how grand or modest it is. I like to imagine people's workflows and what makes them tick. Can give me insight on how to improve my own setup as well. Anyway if I can manage to tidy up my small studio setup then I may tweet a pic. Its quite minimal from a production standpoint, but to each their own. smiley-happy

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My portable set up is a Apogee Ensemble and an API3124+ which gives me 4 super clean pre-amps and 4 somewhat colored API pre's and all my AD-DA and i/o to track 8 track at once. Running ProTools 10 on a Macbook Pro. All fits in a nice portable two space rack with a shelf. Also have 4 older modded DBX 160xt's for compression in a 4 space portable rack. My portable mic locker is a pair of AEA R84's a Peluso P12(AKG C12 clone), an AKG 451, a pair of 414B-ULS's, a Shure SM-7 and a Senheiser 421….(the mics change but that is what I bring out as my standard rig to track a small band live).


If it wasn't for stands and cables…I could load in/out in one trip!

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