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Bought my first Audiopile cables recently, and...

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The occasion was changing out the left side of my synth rig -- replacing a Roland GAIA with two Waldorf Blofeld Keyboards, and swapping out the stand from an x-stand to a two-level K&M column stand -- and thus needing different cable lengths to run from the new setup to my submixer.  Having read about how everyone seems to rave about Audiopile on this forum, I figured I'd give them a trial this time and see what the deal was.

The result: I'll soon be replacing all my other cables with Audiopile too.  After using these, I can't imagine trusting anything else again.  The difference in quality is obvious, top notch materials and components assembled perfectly.

:heart: Many thanks to this forum for talking about them every time someone wants a cable. :heart:

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