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Routing opinions

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Hi All,

I am in the process of putting together a new effects rack and looking for some opinions on routing.

Here is a list of what is in the rack, going to wire it up over the weekend:


Lexicon M400

BBE 482i

dbx 2231 eq

dbx 166xs compressor

ART Pro VLAII tube compressor

Ashly 1001 x-over


In the past I have run effects (400 & 482i only in this case) on the loop through the desk and run the mains to the EQ first, compressor(s) and then x-over. This will be a stereo setup so compressors in linked mode etc. On a side note, really impressed with the VLAII, it is so musical and sounds very very close to the high end tube comps that are way outside my price range...recommend checking it out if you like how tubes sound.


Just thought I would throw it out here for opinions; a few people have told me there are benefits running the 2231 last before the x-over as the noise reduction is more effective but that just sort of seems weird to me....but then again, I am a bit old school at times... 


Appreciate any input.





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Shaster wrote:



It's late, I try not to post when it's late. Just verifying - two compressors on the main mix?



Yes, only because this rack will be pulling double duty for recording as well...I have found using a couple of them makes it a lot easier to avoid pumping...haven't tried it live before but will be playing around a little with trying one is a shape role and one in a dynamic range role, although I see that being more of a "I'm bored at the desk" function that a must have...


Sorry, should have been clearer in my original post

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Run from the main outs to the EQ to the crossover (unless you are using the dbx166 for speaker protection in which case it goes after the EQ.


Everything else sould be inserted in whatever channels (or groups) you want them in.


The BBE will not handle true line level so be careful how you patch it.

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