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First Lesson

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I am defying your remark and posting at my own risk: Practicing Single Strokes is under-rated. You would be surprised how much "control" you can develop just practicing quick rebound (stick starting high, popping, and returning to high position) at slow speeds.

It will also wear you out!


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Single Stroke Drill


Start with both sticks resting on the drum.



Holding the sticks simplifies this drill no end.


Lift one or the other or both sticks away from the head. A foot or two will do although you can lift above your head if you're so compelled. The important part is left and right heights should be the same.


Raise slowly and lower slowly ending in the quietest tap you can manage. Rinse repeat, and repeat.


What's the point? Well for starters you learn where the drum is because that's where you started sm-indifferent and your arms and body get some real feedback on moving the sticks around; two items that are fundamental to playing music musically.


That's all for now.

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Lots of interesting drumline stuff popped up. It's playing optimized for precision with high visibility and audibility; often, at hundreds of yards. A very difficult and narrow genre. Should be called regimental drumming IMO.

This thread if it goes anywhere at all, wont go there. I may refer to the rudiments but the general idea here is a broader technique for any kind of music.

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Warm ups are very important; get you in the zone for whatever you're doing; practicing or performing. I offer that lift drill back there as an actual technique besides.


Some detail:

Hold the sticks at the butt end as you might two tennis rackets. IOW fingers closed around the shaft. This grip (appalling to the drumline guys) is actually optimal for drumset work. That of course is down the road a bit but right off the bat there are a couple glaring advantages.


1) You can air drum Noooo prollum


2) You can stick as slowly as you need to and believe me, you need to. You can always find and comfortably maintain a tempo that will allow studying virtually any drumming.


I use 3S drumsticks as they provide the best feedback for this level of workout. It's important to become aware of what's going on with your torso and arms; how your spine and shoulders become loaded and most important, how your joints are articulating. Extending and contracting your arms along efficient axes is vital to all the basic requirements :

Good posture takes on new significance in this light.




Injury prevention

Playing at a professional level

Anything else that might matter


Incidentally, for all you shredees. Go slower.

Nuff text. Get to work.


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