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nord stage 2 and rack 2x, korg krome 73

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Excuse me if this post looks like dog crap, i am totally blind. I am looking to sell a few things. I prefer pickup in New Brunswick, NJ only, cash or paypal payments only. Selling the following items.


1. Nord rack 2x virtual analog synth tabletop unit. Barely used. ONly have the rack and the power cord, but the manuals are downloadable fromnord's site. This unit sounds great, but want to get something newer. I've seen the unit on sweetwater selling new for $1295, I am asking for $700. if that is too high, make me a better offer.


2. Korg Krome 73 with soft case. Would love to keep it as it is a very light keyboard, but the touch screen makes it impossible for me to use as a blind person for anything more than a preset box. Looking to get some cash for it to get maybe a fa06 or fa08 which seems more accessible. Paid $1295 or so, but asking $750 or best offer.


3. Nord stage 2 88. I love this board, but it is just too big and heavy and tough to fit into other people's cars or for me to drag around while working a cane or a seeing eye dog. Asking $3000. There is an error that comes up relating to the pitch stick but should be an easy fix if you can open it up and reseat the connector. sadly, I am unable to do this. Includes Nord soft case on wheels. the case itself is a bit beat up, but it works. I would accept a trade for a nord stage 2 compact. Make an offer if the $3000 is too high.


Contact me at dfibraio@gmail.com.

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