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Fusion Minus One for Drummers

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ATTENTION DRUMMERS (and friends of drummers)!


I've just released a 14 track "Fusion Minus One, Vol. 1 - Drums" album! (Well, 28 tracks actually, including the minus ones).


This release of my original compositions allows drummers to drop Minus One tracks into their DAW and practice or record themselves playing along with those tracks.


Along with the Minus One tracks, fully mixed, complete tracks WITH drums are given as an example or guideline.


It's encouraged to create your OWN part and not necessarily copy the original.


Many of these tracks come from my recent fusion release "Freedom Re-Mastered", but are re-mixed for this release and do NOT include guitar. Other tracks were written and programmed around the same time and have not been previously released.


And, if you liked "Freedom Re-Mastered" and would like to hear completely re-mixed, stripped down versions of many of those tracks, check it out!



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