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Anyone heard of Proel speakers? Any good? Or to be avoided ?


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A young lady we know is currently working as a singer in a Band in a Hotel and keeps getting asked if she will do some private gigs...............but she has no P.A.


She asked our advice on a mixer, and of course we recommended Allen & Heath's Zed FX series.

Then she asked about speakers..........and we are out of the loop with what's fabulous these days.


We still use our HKAudio Actor rig because we often play large rooms with our 80s show and need a lot of oomph.

And without the big speakers we can switch the small speakers from Satellite to Full Range for smaller rooms for our jazz shows.

But this rig is too big, too heavy for a solo girl singer to lift and carry about. And expensive. And overkill for backing tracks and no instruments.


We have heard good reports about the Yamaha dxr12 powered speaker - and they are small enough for a solo girl to carry and lift onto a stand, but a local store - which sells Allen & Heath mixers is offering her a package deal with some Proel powered speakers.


We have never heard of this Brand, and are wondering if anyone here has heard anything about them or has any personal experience of them?


Company after sales service. Parts availability, warranty, performance, durability, light, heavy, easy to handle etc.



Obviously, it will be her choice and she is going to have a demo of them at the store, but any background info on this Brand would be welcome.







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In the past, I haven't been too fussy about the Yamaha DXR's or the DSR's but I think I'm the only person in the world that feels that way, but read on...


The Proel subs were a "big deal" on the live sound HC forums a few years ago. I never heard one but many folks said they were a good budget sub. I don't hear much about them anymore and couldn't even guess as to the top boxes for sound or reliability.


The good (and maybe bad) thing about the Yammies is that they have a scooped mid voicing (IMO) and so you get a pleasing hifi sound right out of the box. For vocals and acoustic guitar, light backing tracks and so on, I think they could work well.


I just used a Yamaha DXR10 yesterday as a stage monitor. We had vocals and my electric guitar. Basically doing our "impersonation" of Joe Pass and Ella Fitzgerald for a Sunday Jazz brunch. I ran from an A&H Zed 10FX into the house system and used the aux out to feed the monitor. I just ran my guitar into a multi pedal and straight into the board and it sounded great, as I like a smooth 630hz centered mid scooped sound and as previously mentioned, the yammies have that scooped mid going on - again IMO.


If she does get the DXR12 or perhaps the DXR10 they are light and easy to carry, but protect them with a cover or blanket or something.


EV is another company that's making some good affordable powered boxes.

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Thanks guys - I recommended Electro Voice for her because they have always been great for solo vocals. And I think the Yamaha ones are over her budget. I've recommended the A&H zed fx 10 of course.


But this guy in the local store is really bigging up Proel speakers and I had never heard of them, so I just wondered if they had a good reputation or a bad.

Obviously she will demo them all and choose the ones she can afford and carry on her own.

Thanks for the comments guys.

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I searched for a bit for any reviews on Proel...and came up with nothing...either the brand is too new...or no one cares about them...

But if this person is just singing to tracks, any 2 input powered speaker should work for her without the board...

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This is an old thread but really can't let it end like that, I recently picked up some big ol' Proel Powered 3-way speakers.

These are Italian made speakers like RCF and FBT (also good), and they are way better than anything else I've heard recently. Maybe I just got lucky and albeit you could A/B them against some Meyers or L'acoustics, however compared to new over DSP'd crap like QSC they sound much much better. Maybe I got lucky on the model, but generally speaking you can't do too badly buying speakers Made in Italy. I personally don't like the crispy high end of RCF's though, Yamaha's are solid and okay sounding but never exceptional in terms of tone.

As a professional keys player I'm quite specific about my sound, most of the speakers you can access in music stores in Australia are pretty crap. Unless you want to seriously level up and empty your wallet on some KV2's or the even more high end brands where you'll be paying over 5 thousand per box... Give the Proel's a listen especially if they're Made in Italy, otherwise try to find some FBT's...

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