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Valco Guitars.....

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Are you talking about the old Valco or the new one out of Canada.

The original company was started by three guys from the National Dobro company.

They made guitars for Supro, Airline, Oahu, and National and amps for Gretsch, Harmony, and Kay during the 60's.


They were eventually bought by Kay and put out of business in the late 60's


Some of the guitars were kind of cool. Most of them were beginners guitars like Teiscos and don't come anywhere near the quality of budget guitars today. Seems like you'll find collectors of just about anything and they'll swear they are the greatest however.


Like old movies, there were plenty of stinkers. I used to see them back in the 70's and 80's being sold at flea markets when I used to sell stuff there to make extra money. Flea markets were the EBay of yester year and you'd find them by the dozens. I used to buy them for $5, put strings on them and get them working and maybe get $20 for them, if the necks weren't twisted up like pretzels. Many had steel rods instead of truss rods and people left them strung up in basements and they just all warped up beyond hope. I'd buy those cheap to repair the better ones with good necks. I'd made a couple of hundred on weekends rebuilding and reselling them.

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I just picked up a 1961 Valco made English Electronics Tonemaster guitar, apparently Valco would contract to Mom and Pop operations, a lapsteel player by the name of Norm English in Lansing Michigan had a line of guitars as well as lapsteels. This guitar has a sort of piezo sorta pickup inside the rosewood bridge and a killer overdized singlecoil that looks like a humbucker, 3 volumes and a 3 way switch , it sounds fantastic! Thd Brazilian rosewood fingerboard is so lovely! HNVGD! I'd post pics but I'm on mobile so .....

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Don't go complimenting me on my good taste!


I might let you down by posting pics like this:




or this:





Really like your collection. I've got a Eastwood GP (Ovation Ultra GP Copy). And Eastwood Dual Tone. Super Twin Tone copy. Like both just wish they were the real thing. I've had my eye on a Harmony, Kay or the like but they are impossible to find with straight necks.... and low action. Anyways great collection! The amps are sweet also!!!!

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