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These are the rules of the lesson loft. Please only post if you agree to abide by the rules:



2) NO Derogatory or Disparaging remarks. If you believe something someone has posted is in error, please PM them or the moderator and we will clarify meaning or correct mistake.

3) This is a moderated forum. All content posted has to be approved by moderator

4) As a contributor to this forum, we do allow personal posting of information related to your learning material or learning website. We ask that you confine those links and recommendations to the end of the post of learning material postings.

5) If the info you post is deemed to be not indicative of the spirit of Harmony Central or to be below the standard of material requirements, we will not approve the posts.

6) We ask that you post material that will help motivate and teach the next generation, rather than simply trying to show off your chops.

7) Support material is greatly appreciated: Video, Audio Clips, Music Notation Images, etc.

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