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Selling a DBX Driverack 260

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Mods - please forgive me...  The ad hasn't gotten much exposure since navigation over to the classifieds section is a little awkward on the latest revision of the board.



Yes folks, the one and only, much celebrated and beloved: DBX Driverack 260!

I have one for sale... and it's in working + very good condition.


**It'll make rainbows, sunshine, unicorns and glitter shoot out of your speakers!! :smiley-bounce005:

**Disclaimer: Probably not, but you can always dream about the Gandalf sized magical powers this unit opens the doors to.


Will also include the separate Serial Port to USB Dongle for use with their PC/Laptop control software.


$500 shipped, or local pickup available around the Boston area. 

Please PM, thanks!

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