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Advice on giving up turntables for computer?

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I have a pair of Technics 1200s, mixer, coffin, which I have had for a decade yet rarely used.  I'm not a professional DJ, bought these when I had the notion I might learn to DJ, but never pursued it.  So now this stuff is just taking up room.  I am more serious about playing guitar and have also been making music using Reaper DAW.  I'm thinking I could sell the turntables, and maybe put the money into a better guitar or something.

The thing that stops me, though, is that I have a nice collection of vinyl (IMO).  Maybe 100 or so albums.  I collected some of what were the greatest trance and progressive trance tracks from the 1999-2001 era, and then there's also some vintage classic rock (Rolling Stones, Doors, etc.) and some other miscellaneous stuff.  I don't see myself every spinning, but I do think I still want access to this music. 

One thought I had was to keep one turntable.  But I think these turntables would be easier to sell as a pair, and I could then perhaps buy a relatively cheaper but still good record player.

Another thought I had was to figure out how to rip / convert my records to digital files on my computer, and then I could sell both turntables and the records, too.  I understand there are programs / plugins that would allow me to sample these songs from digital recordings similar to having them on a record player, perhaps even with virtual scratching, if I wanted to get into sampling any of the music in my own original works.  It's not something I've done yet, but I could see it happening some day.

So, I guess the question is, has anyone else converted a record collection to a virtual collection / digital music files, and have any advice on the pros/cons of that?



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Audio-Technica AT-LP120

is capabable of converting analog to digital and is a decent turntable for around 230 bucks.  If you sell your classic turntables you will get much more so if I was you I would sell the classic turntables and keep your records and go digital.  Audacity is free program that can be used to create the WAV files that you can then convert to MP3 if you want.

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