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Hey all, thanks for the great thread. Last post was 18 months ago. Did the conversation move, or does someone like me just need to come along and resurrect it? :-) I'm thinking of building a Gilmore Jr. soon. Top notch job on the sound clips. They give enough detail to really hear the character of the amps.

That said, it would be great to have 3 clean and three dirty clips playing about the same thing through 'stock', 'M', and 'V' mods to judge the difference between them. It would be really helpful considering that amateurs like me can't easily install and remove mods, and most of us won't have the money to build three of these, lol... Wish I could though.

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Hello Human,

I strongly recommend that the builder try the 'stock' configuration first and then, if necessary, mod to taste.  All mods are easily reversable.  If a Customer breaks a part while reversing a mod during de-soldering, we happily send out a new part.  Our Chassis are built in the USA, our Transformers (Mercury Magnetics) are built in the USA.  All smaller components are purchased from American companies.  Even our shipping boxes are American made.  Why am I mentioning this?  We may be a bit pricier, but Tone is our target as evident by our parts/components/documentation and Engineering.  GUYTRONIX is a small, three family member establishment, going on 12 years of Service.  Thank You All for the continued support and thank you, Mr. Gary Gerhart, for Engineering a couple of sweet sounding kits!

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