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Summer NAMM Rumors????


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61 Note FS Keybed

Advanced FM/Formant Synthesis

8 Voices per performance

64 note polyphony

8 part Multi

512 RAM/1024 ROM Patches

All FS1R Filtering and Effects + additional new

16 Step Arpeggiator

320 X80 LCD

8 or more assignable/dedicated knobs

24 Bit converters

Full backwards compatibility with all DX/TX/FS1R Synths

DX-7 III >>> anytime your ready Yamaha !!!!!!!!



Yamaha dropped the DX7 bomb in 1983 which brought apocalypse to synthdom. 15 years later the International Convention banned development of FM synthesis in any form or shape. Only computer simulations were allowed.


A proper 16 voice FM synth with analogue filtres, poly aftertouch keyboard, long ribbon and big performance sliders would be the end of the world again.

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New from roland:


the roland 4 featuring higher operating ceiling, increased countermeasure penetration and enlarged shaped charge.



maybe the army will finally decide to mount it up with the m109:



your roland may put out phat pads, but mine puts out phat warheads

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I've read this board for a long time and if he's a troll, he's a very subtle one...the most insidious kind there is btw.



A harmless eccentric, if you ask me, and vaguley funny.


The troll satirizes our own anxieties and indulgences in a comically absurd and subtely desperate way. Any forum devoid of a properlly informed troll is largely illegitamte and liable to collapse in on itself out of boredom and self loathing. Without the cardboard enemy of the troll, we'd be likely to either turn on each other or ourselves. The skilled and disciplined troll provides a vital service to whatever community it is a part of.


I read that somewhere.

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^ Well put.


I appreciate serious discussions, but I also like to laugh. Tony's quest for THE inimitable piano emulation (previously, it was a poly-aftertouch fetish) really does say something about all people interested in Keys, Synths, and Samplers.

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