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Summer NAMM Rumors????


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Most of the nice stuff is already announced on the Winter NAMM and Messe. Summer NAMM is generally boring for us synth people, but then again, we demand that new analogs are released every 3 months for $200 a piece at most with 64 voice polyphony and an H8000 built in.


Roland: Juno Di. Yamaha: S70XS/S90XS. Korg: DS10-plus. Rest: nothing much.

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Getting a bit OT here but I'm hoping Yamaha will release a new series of digital mixers. It's been about 7 years since the DM2000 and 02R96 and they were about 7 years after the original 02R so it's about time. I won't be holding my breath waiting though. With the GFC and not much competition (except maybe from the Tascam Dm3200 and Dm4800) maybe Yamaha don't feel they need to upgrade their mixers just yet.

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61 Note FS Keybed

Advanced FM/Formant Synthesis

8 Voices per performance

64 note polyphony

8 part Multi

512 RAM/1024 ROM Patches

All FS1R Filtering and Effects + additional new

16 Step Arpeggiator

320 X80 LCD

8 or more assignable/dedicated knobs

24 Bit converters

Full backwards compatibility with all DX/TX/FS1R Synths



DX-7 III >>> anytime your ready Yamaha !!!!!!!!


Come to think of it, the Motif XS is very close if not the exact color the FS1R was ….

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Wishful thinking...


I'd love to see a new Korg groove box. The Emx-1 is great but it's getting a little long in the tooth. Improvements I'd like to see based on working with it for a while...


Filters available on every part. Right now they're limited to just the synth parts. Maybe the addition of key tracking (though it'd be useless for the drum parts)


An added attack stage for the, as it is, somewhat bizzare one knob amp envelope.


An attack and decay mod envelope.


LFO's (and mod envelope) able to modulate every available modulation destination at once, instead of just one at a time.


Faster LFO's.


Wet/dry effects balancing for each part.


Improved reverb (Doesn't have to be anything to fancy, but the current reverb is border line awful.)


One or two extra, tweakable effects parameters. (Two extra parameters would add a lot. Maybe make space for this and other things by getting rid of the vaccum tube.)


More effects (Wave shaper, more distortion types, delay types, etc.)


More filter types (a 24 db low pass. More esoteric filters from the Radias?)




More samples of world percussion instruments, etc.


A 2 op FM oscillator where the user can choose either standard VA wave forms or any of the on board samples.



And of course, crappy on board speakers.


Other then that I'd like to see a PC3R from Kurzweil and Radikal technologies to finally release the Hybrid elements groove box, which I'm really hoping sees the light of day some time soon. It looks like one of the most interesting things out there, or not quite out there.

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Let me guess,


If Korg would take part we would get a mint green koassilator and a limited series Microkorg XL in combat green.


Roland will bring out a number of new digital pianos


Yamaha will bring out new drum kits, some brass and violins and and a new 2 in/out USB soundcard with a built-in reverb.


DSI will show the Mopho and and another possible verision of the Linndrum II that will be available "early 2011".


Behringer will release a new series of MIDI controllers, all in white and a new series of digital pianos, also in white. They will also be a keytar, in white, using wireless MIDI.


Kurzweil will show a prototype of the K3000 under a plexiglass cover.


EMU will be showing the X3, two new MIDI interfaces and the longboard "synths", in addition to the PCIX versions of the 1616 interfaces.

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1.- PC3R

2- Oasys II

3. The Xpansions for Motif XS

4. O.S 2 for Fantom G

5. Lindrumm II

6. A NEW 8 voice Minimoog.

7. abbleton live 9

8- B3 and Jupiter analog Xpansions for Fantom G

9. Alesis andromeda II

10 yamaha P800 with NEW action


Korg M4

Fantom H

Re-memory Moog

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I want a PC3X with sampling abilities

It was already stated several billion times: that's not gonna happen in PC3 series. You'll have to wait for their next workstation, which could take probably 1.5-2 years, so it certainly won't be in this NAMM.

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