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Death Metal Shirts and Cds


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I've got a pretty good bit of stuff here, take a look, $5 per item. I've got lots of other items for sale here and can't check all the individual threads so please PM if interested. I'll ship with your method of choice if you are not local, thanks for looking.



-Cannibal Corpse: Butchered at Birth, Tomb of the Mutilated, Hammer Smashed Face Ep

-Morbid Angel: Abominations of Desolation, Blessed are the Sick, Covenant, Domination, Formulas Fatal to the Flesh

-Deicide: In Torment In Hell

-Vital Remains: Dechristianize

-Gorguts: From Wisdom to Hate

-Fleshtized: Here Among Thorns

-Cattle Decapitation: To Serve Man, Humanure

-Dark Funeral: The Secrets of the Black Arts

-Myasis: Self titled

-World of Lies: Material God, Self titled

-Sons of Chaos: Dawn of the Apocalypse



-Cannibal Corpse: Gallery of Suicide Tour Lng Slv, and that thing under the cd in Bloodthirst T-shirt.

-Morbid Angel: Gateways Tour Lng Slv.

-Deicide: Legion album cover on front with group pic and "End of God the way it must be" on back, Sepents of the Light cover on front with "Denounce the Father undo his disguise" on back, Insineratehymn Tour t-shirt.

-Slayer- South of Heaven T-shirt, God Hates Us All cathedral design Tour T-shirt.

-Malevolent Creation: Logo/Charles Manson/Eternal tour '95 on front and design/logo on back T-shirt.

-Macabre- "Cold Blooded Killing Spree 2002 Logo/Albert Fish on front and back T-shirt.

-Marduk: North American Black Metal Assualt 2001 tour T-shirt.

-Pyaemia: Bloodletting N. America 2003 tour Lng Slv.

-Psypheria: Embrace the Mutation T-shirt.

-Poverty: Logo T-shirt.


I also have one very metal leather jacket.

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