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AC30 Albion output transformer clone


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It's come time to payoff some of these credit cards! Not accepting trades. I've done lots of buying on here before, no selling though. You can check my ebay stats. I'm a 100% power seller, name is same, "dupedd". All prices include paypal and shipping to the lower 48. Please use the PM function to contact. Thanks for looking!

Price drops!


I have lots of cool pedals in the effects classifieds! BJF's, Keeley's, OCD, Barber DDSS!


AC30 albion clone output transformer. I bought this from Antique Electronics when I was upgrading my ac30 TBX and wound up using a Mercury Magnetics one. This OT is unused. It's the same one used in the AC30HW series. These are supposed to be exact clones of the finest Albion OT they could find. I heard this straight from Mitch Colby himself(of Korg), over at the Vintage Forums(Plexi Palace). Asking $99


That's it for now guys. rock on!

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