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Make Me An Offer Bay!!


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3-7-07 - revised 3-14-07


A-B box Rapco, Alesis Quad-GT, Art Multiverb, Chorus pedal,

Anvil type flip top box w/3 EV PL-80 mics & 3 new cables,

Carver pm-100 stereo pwramp, Cry baby wah-wah,

DOD 4 Channel line mixer, DOD Noise gate pedal,

Flip top road case w/handles & wheels, Korg A-5 pedal board,

Marshall 4x10" Top cab, Sabine Rack Tuner, Anvil type ATA 10 space case,

Marshall 9001 preamp w/tubes, Peavey Pr. of 12" wedge monitors,

Marshall 30w practice amp.


5 piece set of Pulse/Paiste metallic silver: w/ beato bag

cases w/extra compartment for extra heads on each case,

drum torque key, 6 keys, 4 mute dics, back pack cymbal bag,

2 cymbal stands 1 boom 1 straight, hi-hat stand, kick pedal,

13" & 14" hi-hats, 2- 16" crashs, 18" ride/crash, 8" & 10" splash,

fast clip boom arm, 2 cymbal stackers, 10 pr 7A's hickory sticks,

stick bag .... Used once!


Pr. of Bose 4000XLs 10" cabs black, Zoom 1010 pedal board,

Soundtracs recording console 20x2x4, Squire/Fender P-Bass w/case,

Yamaha TX 81 Z keyboard module, Tascam 488 MKII 8 trk, Peavey Ecoustic Gtr,

Boss DR-550 MKII drum machine, Pr Peavey wedge monitors - 12"s,

4' Anvil case w/dolly & wheels, Tilt top for mixer, 2 recepticle boxes.,

Alesis D4 Drum Module, Playstation 2 w/controller 4 games and power supply.


Pearce GR-2 2 channel pre/pwr amp 200wmono @8ohm,

100w stereo @4ohm & 65w stereo @8ohm, 2 space unit.


I'm cleaning house! All negotiable, make me an offer on which item u want,

put it in the subject line. No International Sales! 48 US Contiguous States only.


Email Me if interested rkbmusic@hotmail or call me and leave a message 410 860 8489, "be sure to put the name of the item you're interested in, in the subject line and in your message. First Come, First Served"!


I DID SAY "MAKE ME AN OFFER" !! ... If u ask i will tell you, if u make me an offer i will consider it! There is a diff.!


This is better than ebay! This is make me an offer Bay! *laffs* :lol:

Good Luck and let the offers begin! :blah:


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