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Roland GP-100 preamp/processor,Ibanez RG-340 guitar w/SKB case,Schecter 006 Elite (set neck) boss RC20-XL looping pedal,100 watt B52 half stack amp,ART tps 2 channel tube mic/instrument preamp (rackmount),Ultra Graph Pro 2x31 band EQ (rackmount)Peavey univerb (rackmount) 2x12 speaker cab with eminence speakers (200 watts)Jensen 12" 100 watt home stereo powered subwoofer,Rocktron midimate foot controller pedal,Emu Darwin digital 8 track,Hohner GM-750-S acoustic/electric W/Gator case,Digitech 2112 Artist (upgraded to 2120),Peavey Classic 50/50 poweramp(rackmount),Tubeworks mossvalve 1160 poweramp (rackmount) (not working,powers on but no output).Looking for Best cash or trade offers. A couple things I'm in the market for are a good computer recording interface system and an Electronic drumset,Also looking for good quality woodwoorking tools, but not limited to just these,all offers will be heard and considered.I'M in the Bakersfield Ca, area, and will ship everything but the B52 halfstack,but I will drive up to 75 miles in any direction to deliver it.I'm new to this computer stuff and haven't figured out how to post pics yet so if interested in anything E-mail me at riproaringrick@yahoo.com and I'll send pics and prices to you direct.Thanks P.S. I can take paypal and have an exellent E-bay feedback rating.

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