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AWESOME les paul coffee table! lights up!!! A MUST HAVE


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hey there, i'm new on here,

i'm a college student majoring in art and last summer i got bored and decided to make a couple coffee tables. I made a fender strat table in the shape of the famous headstock with beautiful birch wood that glows. theres a couple large speakers as the base and a guitar amp under there along with shelves. theres also turquoise lights lining the edge, sandwiched between the 2 layers of wood. The cupholders at embedded in where the tuning pegs would be and the lights shine through, making any cups inside glow. sounds tacky, but it is exactly the opposite.

that one is in my apartment right now and i absolutely love it and am not really looking to get rid of it, unless a really good offer came around.

the one i AM looking to sell is a gibson lespaul table i made. its in the sahpe of the body and is painted jet black with gold trim around the edge, along with the gibson logo painted in gold in the center. It has 4 embedded cupholders where the tone/volume knobs are. this one's got gold lights going around it and it looks CLASSY! it has 4 black legs with a lower circular sublevel thing.

If You want to see pictures, they're all on my flickr account.



so, if you're interested let me know and we'll work something out. I've been looking for a tube amp for a while as i'm so tired of the solid state, unfortunately i'm broke! So if you happen to have one sitting around that you'd like to trade, maybe, then that would be ideal. If not, i'm looking for like 300 bucks or somethin for the gibson table, and way more for the strat table.

i poured my heart and soul into these tables, and i'd be happy to answer any questions.

thanks for lookin!


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