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WTB Pickguard for Squier Jazzmaster (Jaguar & Jazzmaster work too?)


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I bought a Jagmaster from my friend close to a year ago. Originally, it was the sparkly metallic silver with a black pickguard, but, in his infinite wisdom, had the body spray-painted red with the pickguard painted white. That combination looks cool, but nothing compared to the original.


So, I've been stripping down the paint. The metallic silver hides scratches well (especially after you put some WD-40) over it. The black? Not so much. Plus, the thickness of the pain on the pickguard is tougher than what's on the rest of the body, and it's quite a pain to get off. So, I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and buy a new one.


Problem is, I can't find anywhere that sells them. Since the Jagmaster is a combination of the Jaguar/Jazzmaster, I'm hoping that one of their pickguards will fit, but I'd still like an original if anyone could find one. I'll even take a link to a store online if you don't have one yourself. Thanks.

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