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Squier Standard series Strat neck and HSS loaded pickguard


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Make me some offers guys, Daddy needs a new neck! I'd trade both of these straight up for a Strat neck with the smaller headstock. This Squier neck really is very nice, just don't like the big headstock.

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Both of these items are in perfect condition, NO issues whatsoever. Only reason for selling is I'm not a fan of the large headstock and I'm going SSS on this guitar. To be honest I was seriously thinking of taking a skill saw to the headstock, painting it and keeping it. It's a really nice neck, easily on par with a Fender MIM neck. Sealed tuners and trees included. As for the loaded guard, it's a B/W/B guard, these are really nice pickups and I do like the HSS setup, but I'm putting a guard full of SD Hotrails on the guitar.
Asking $85 shipped for the neck and $45 shipped for the guard.







Hi Lonnie,



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