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Strat pickguard loaded with SD Hot Rails


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I can't believe I'm trying to sell these but I need money for a trip this summer and every little bit helps. Exactly what the title says. This pickguard is from the mid 90s and has aged well. I still have the original white Fender knobs to go with the set as well as the chrome metal knobs you see. Guaranteed NOT DOA. Just installed them this morning in my Sherwood Green Strat and they scream. Zero hum. I know they don't say Seymour Duncan on the face but that's not uncommon for their older pickups. The triangular bottoms and stickers are a dead giveaway but just to be 100% sure I showed these same pics to a SD rep and he verified that they were indeed SD Hot Rails. Straight from the horses mouth. Looking for $150 shipped in the US. I do ship overseas, the price would be $140 plus actual shipping vie USPS. On to the pictures! The one with the blue guitar is to show the aging of the white pickguard and the family pic is it installed on my Sherwood Green Strat. Looks a bit minty on that one.

















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