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Okay, I have a few things I just never use anymore so I figured I would put them up for folks who may be able to use them.


1. BBE 862 Sonic Maximizer - this was one of their high end models for a number of years and a unit my band used in our PA rack for a long time. I used it in my guitar rack for the last couple of years and have tried to cut down on my system, so this is going. Two channels, extremely quiet, all balanced lines, which is a big plus if you are looking for less noise. Looking for $75 shipped or best offer.


2. Dunlop Crybaby wah - GCB95 - good unit, clean, no issues. Has the requisite velcro on the bottom for my pedal board and I took the feet off to keep it mounted semi-permanently. Also no battery door. $40/BO shipped.


3. Tubeworks (Genz-Benz) Shred Mega-Tube distortion pedal - I know nothing about this unit and have never used it. It came to me in the great Vicious1080 debacle. I did open it up and it had a tube in it. It came with no power supply, but it takes a standard 9v wall wart. It does power up, but I have no idea how it sounds. $30/BO shipped.


4. Pair of EMG-HZ pups from a Jackson DKMGT - pretty much mint shape. I really liked these, but I just switched to EMG actives and these are collecting dust. $60/pr shipped.


All of this stuff is also available for trade should you want to part with EMG 81/85/89 pickups. I'm almost done converting of my guitars, but could use a couple more.


I can send pics on demand, will try to post some soon.


Make offers, especially trades with EMG's - prices are firm as Jello.:thu:

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