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FS: GCX Audio Switcher, BBE Mindbender, and Pickups!

ibanez4life SZ!

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Hey guys!


Last for sale thread went great, so let's see if you can do it again!


For trade, I'm looking for a little big muff, or some other small footprint fuzz.


All prices include paypal and shipping to the continental US. I can also ship to Canada, but I will need a little more to cover the shipping difference.


-GCX Audio Switcher: Amazing true bypass looper to run with a midi controller. Works perfectly, and comes with power supply. $325


-BBE Mindbender Chorus / Vibrato: Awesome ANALOG pedal, but I'm just not a chorus guy afterall.....as new condition with original box, manual, and adapter. SOLD!!!


-x3 EMG 81/85 Zakk Wylde sets: I have three of these, as I've decided to keep EMGs in only two of my guitars. Comes in original box with all parts it had originally. $160 per set


-Seymour Duncan SH-14 Custom 5 Nickel: Awesome pickup, especially for a big mahogany body, but I sold the guitar I had it in. Ordered it custom from Duncan with the cover....$70


-Dimarzio PAF Pro: Same deal as above. $50 SOLD!!!


-PRS #7 Bass: Out of my USA Singlecut....great neck pup...one of my favorites. $75


Thanks for looking. Offers are accepted, and I can get you a better deal if you buy more.



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