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10+ Guitar pickups! Duncan, Dimarzio, EMG, Fender, Carvin, IBZ

Mike Doyle

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I have a load of guitar pickups here. Some with boxes. Some without.


$45 for all humbuckers

$55 for EMG's

$55 for Parker Fly Neck Model

$40 for Hotrails Single Coil

$45 for Little '59 Single Coil

$10 for Fender Reissue

$10 for Ibanez humbuckers (each)

$25 for Carvin humbuckers (each)



2x Dimarzio PAF Pro

1x Dimarzio Parker Fly Custom Neck model

1x Dimarzio Steve's Special (creme)

1x Duncan '59 Bridge

1x Ibanez V7/V8 Set

1x Carvin 1993 Humbucker Set (not shown)

1x SD Little 59' Bridge Black (not shown)

1x EMG-81 (each come with pot)

1x EMG-85 (each come with pot)

1x Middle Pickup from 1999 Fender Japanese Reissue strat


Paypal is fine. Shipping is $5 flat. Buy as many as you want for $5 extra shipping.


I will trade for Drum gear. Cymbals, stands, sticks, hardware, heads. Must be quality though.


Or a Very low output Jazz type neck. Like Seth Lover, or Bendetto or something similar!

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