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Going On Ebay In a Couple Hours


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i tried selling these before on here and on UG, but never had any luck. just people giving me bull**** offers like 15.00 dollars shipped which would have left me with probly about 5 whole dollars. but anyway i figured i'd try one more time and if i have no luck i'll just throw them up on ebay.(i'd really rather sell them to someone on here than have to deal with ebay and sellers fees and nonpayers and whatnot) but anyway i have a matched Quad set of Mesa 6L6's 5 Mesa 12AX7's 2EHX 12AX7's and 1 EHX 12AT7 and they all have VERY low hours on them and the EHX's were played for about a whole total of 45 min. which is basically like not being played at all for a preamp tube. there is nothing wrong with any of the tubes and they all have PLENTY of life in them. i didn't play them much since at the time i wasn't in a band and had no use for practicing with a 100watt tube head, but even when i did play it i never pushed it very hard 3-3.5 was plenty loud enough for me. but anyway now that all that's been said i would like to get 55.00 dollars (u.s.) for them (paypal) i will pack the box very well and wrap each tube individually with bubble wrap. i will ship asap once the payment is recieved (i will ship them tomorrow if someone buys them). all my deals/transactions on here have all been positive ones and i have 100% on ebay.


(somebody please buy these tubes, i really don't wanna mess with ebay)

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