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Gibson Pup


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I have a LP bridge pup and was wondering if anyone might be dying for one.

It is a 2007 burstbucker pro5. It is probably the best sounding pup I have ever used.Period. I know it is by far the most balanced.It is a med/high output.

The back of the pup has the man who wound it,and it says lead.


I have every custom pup you can name in as many guitars as I can house and this pup really out does them all.


When you play any lead through this pup,it takes on a kick ass sustain. I had no idea these were this bad ass. In drop D this pup rules.


Iv seen them go for over $100


I removed it myself, it has a 15 inch lead with braided ground.Nic plated cover and is quite prettier than chrome.


$60 and I'll eat shipping.






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