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I have a MINT matching set of GE 6L6 tubes, and I do mean MINT.


Have a banez S knock-off guitar thats very nice, and nice fret work. Basically MNT. Needs a GOOD FR the junk one on oit is just that.


Have a LINE-6 AM4 Amp Modeler with its riginal power cord and it sounds great!


Have a KORG GA-30 guitar/bass tuner. works GREAT.


Jensen C12n 12 inch speaker like new.


Eminence Blues Deluxe RI 12 speaker like new.


late 60's early 70's short scale MIJ Montaya Bass. Needs a TM ring support. Nice Vintage Bass. All Orig, Tri- Burst. Vol. pot works wide open but not otherwise. But its orig.


Crate Power block, New in the box. [sOLD]


Crate Power Block 112 cab like new with stock speaker.


A 5 guitar Rock-Star Stand. [sOLD]


Multi Directional Mic Trisonic.


BLACK single ply original Gibson Les-Paul PG


TR Cover for LP Studio


Aged white multi-ply PG for USA Strat w/Trem plate


Single ply white PG for 52RI Tele











HARD SHELL CASE for a 335 or a Les-Paul


Black, Zebra, or Nickle SD59/JB set


MIM Stand Telecaster or Tele Partscaster

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One Hundred the stand is gone. The Ibanez knock off is pretty cool. Has a piece of {censored} for a FR. I blocked it off. But the neck is KILLER the body is straight pups and electronics are all straight. The guitar is like NEW. I could take photo's if you want?

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S-knock off $150. the RG-120 is BRAND NEW sells for $200. I'll sell it for $125. you pay actual shipping pick-up in person, whatever. It plays UNREAL, the action and fret-work are as good as my RG Prestige 2570 MIJ. You will be impressed.


PM me for PHOTO's

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