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FS: GFS Calibrated Pickup Set "Hot Lead" Lil Puncher Telecaster


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I have 2 sets of these, bought when I thought I was going to mod my teles, that project is over so these are up for sale, here are the specs:


The Hot Lead Lil Puncher set include BOTH neck and bridge pickups, overwound to give your tele true humbucker power. If you want some tele snap then by all means employ a push/pull pot- since these 4-wire pickups are indeed coil tappable.


The bridge pickup offers a roaring 13K output- to really power your Marshall stack. The 7K neck balances perfectly, and offers smooth, warm and very fat tone.


They sell for $49.95 on guitarfetish.com, save money, $30 shipped. Thanks!

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