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Housecleaning - Good Stuff, Good Prices

Dixie 10-8

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A few items from the rehearsal (beer drinking) barn:


- SD Screamin' Demon 12BL, mounted in white pearloid guard. $50

- Tascam CD-GT1 MKII. Want to learn that SRV lick at 1/2 speed without changing pitch? Amazing unit for someone who has time to use it. $75

- Roland Micro Cube. Very cool little 'take anywhere' practice amp. Check out the YouTube demos. New in the box condition. $75

- Landmine LD-1 Distortion Pedal. Just got this recently, nice pedal but soooo heavy. Metal to the max.


Everything is excellent-plus or better. Buy all four items for $250 and I'll eat the shipping & insurance. Hell of a deal, guys. Use email, please. normar@nu-z.net


Buy/Trade Refs: jgballer, emmerwood, Blackhathunter, Frank Thompson, Daveydude, Pinchegordo, Roackapede, Altgtr 33, Paulderlunas, Tom Cray, PBomber 22, Yavin, TinyPants, et al

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