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Vocal Training From The Best!!


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Wanna know the Secrets of Top Vocalists?



These vocal exercise C.D.'s are the hottest exercises for commercial singers today!!!


Packed full of exercises for learning how to Scat, using riffs,

and vocal register switches!!

Belt exercises, head exercises, ear training, breathing, and

extension exercises.



Used by Demi Lovato, Jessica Simpson, Ryan Cabrera, Cody Lynley,

Hunter Parrish, Janine Turner, Remington Rafael, Erik Neff,

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Celina Rae (American Idol), Melise

Jow of Nickelodeon, McCall Clark of High School Musical, Tammy Fey

(Justin Timberlake Tour), and 3600 other singers and bands!



Great for bands and solo singers who desire a knowledge of pop,

rock, country, or indie sounds of today!


Call 972.392.2810

or visit http://www.myspace.com/septienbootcamp

for more info...

Don't hesitate! Learn in the convenience of your own home!

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