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For SALE: Lace Sensor Pickups


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(Street price average $98 new)

NOW ON EBAY http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160312700402

This revised and enhanced new lace sensor Hot Gold has slightly stronger output. They retain all the definition of the regular Gold Lace Sensors but add a firm bottom and singing mid range. Excellent from clean to vintage growl. These Lace Sensor Hot Gold's have a fat, full bottom end, a singing midrange and all the high end sparkle and class you would expect from a killer Strat everything is there like never before.


* Position: neck

* Resistance: 11.8k (both coils together); 6.0k each coil on it's own

(yes, you can wire EACH coil separately)

* Peak frequency: 3600

* Inductance: 2.2



Single Blue pickup: Traded

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Your offer is tempting, but I don't have a use for one right now as great as this pedal tuner is.
Thanks for the offer.
I am looking for an RP or Boss mfx pedal for my daughter for Christmas. Built-in expression pedal is a must.
Thanks for looking

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