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Ibanez INF1 & INF2 w/ Wiring FOR SALE


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I just did a new pick up install on my Ibanez(see my sig) and I have the INF1 and INF2 with the output jack and the vol and toen pots for sale. The first person to offer me $30 will recieve the 2 pick ups(which by no means sound bad...they just dont sound as good as emgs ya know?), the vol and tone pots that are still connected together and the output jack. All of these items are in basically like new condition and work great. They would be great for a project guitar or anyone who is just in need of some pups that are decent and dont want to spend 200 bucks. The price is $30 shipped via UPS ground to you in the lower 48. No overseas shipping. I would prefered to get paid via PAYPAL but will entertain all payment options.


Let me know! Either PM me or email me at mattmuttsmith@yahoo.com. I wil lrecieve the email insantly on my hip via my phone and would probably the quicker way to get in touch with me!


talk to you soon!



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