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FS: New X2 Wireless with extras...


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I need to free up some cash so I'm purging my rig of anything I really don't need. I bought this X2 about 2 months ago from my local GC. I wasn't wild about the quality of the included cable so I purchased some high quality connectors and made my own from Mogami cable.


Additionally, I bought a Radial Dragster to make the thing actually sound like a cable. The Dragster corrects the resistance mis-match between your guitar pickups and the transmitter. The difference is huge and you can adjust it for different pickups easily with the little rotary pot.


I'm looking to get $270 shipped in the lower 48 for the whole thing. Both cables, as well as the stock one, the Dragster ($50) and the transmitter which is currently velcro'd to my rack shelf. IMO, that's fair.


I'll accept bank checks, postal money orders, or Paypal if buyer pays the fees.


Here's some pix...






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