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Old Grover USA "Slimline" 12-string Tuning Machines


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I got these a while back in a parts bin swap I did with a friend. I saw someone post a similar set either in this forum or somewhere else and I thought I might as well join in the fun. They are in the box and were never installed, as far as I can tell. They only come with one grommit and 2 screws, but you can find those parts pretty easily. I'm not sure what these were ever used on, but they look like they'd be great for a vintage restoration of some sort. As you can see, the package reads "Grover 'Slimline' 12-String Guitar Machines". They are 6-on-a-side and look to be completely sealed. They are quite substantial. I really don't know what to ask, so make an offer. I'll also consider trades for tele parts (I'm planning on building one) or some effect pedals.



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