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FS/pickups & pickguards


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Hi, Most prices negociatable









As new, never really used ! below


1).. I have the set of P/ups from a Squier 51...white single coil


Black Fender Humbucker , some say its an Atomic humbucker which Fender sells , but Idon't know !


.....2 ) MIM fat strat P/ups ..I've got a off white s/s/H MIM strat w/ the neck & mid ceramic p/ups , in it .


3)...Off a MIM standard Tele I've got a white tele PG, single coil


4)..I have the single coil out of the 07' upgraded Fender Standard Tele..


5).. I've got 1 Fender@ USA white 3 ply white PG , off a 2003 strat,


I've decided to keep playing w/ the Delta tones , never really gave them a chance ...If your ever interested in them , let me know & when I decide , I'll PM you ...thanks ..




6 )... I've got a single ply Fender 50's classic strat white PG,& back cover


7 ) .. neck & mid ceramic p/ups ...Out of an 2002 , MIM standard Fat strat...



8)... I have a full set off off white/ vintage color ! accessories for the 50's PGuard ..but will sell everything seperate ... I'm still putting the 50's RI p/ups thru the paces ..maybe for sell also ?...




Any prices that are agreed upon , are not including shipping, unless agreed upon ! ..thanks Kevin..I more stuff, I just can't remember ...





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