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Looking For Strat Pickups

Dixie 10-8

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I need a set of Strat singles and can do a pedal trade, or pedals-plus-cash, or whatever can be worked out. Looking to replace an older set of SCNs that suck to the 10th power. Not real particular about it, but want quality pups...Rio G., Copperhead, Fralin, Van Zandt, Dimarzio, Fender 54s/69s, etc. No short leads, and no Mighty Mites, please:rolleyes: PM or email normar@nu-z.net THX!


Good Deals With: jgballer, emmerwood x2, blackhathunterm Frank Thompson, Jim Hunter, Daveydude, Pinchegordo, Rockapede, Altgtr33, Paulderlunas, Pbomber22, Tom, Cray, Yavin, Tinypants, dangolguitartech x2, Adam Poland, Jedd, Teleman, Ajboy238, Alexmack, Silverring 233, Solarpi,p, 67musta, The Dali, etc.

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