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WTT: Ernie Ball wah/volume, tremsetters, STK-S1, dual-sound


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I have the following that I would like to trade:


1. Jim Dunlop Mister Cry Baby Super wah/volume pedal EW-95V. The proprietary pot is worn so the pedal won't hold its position. I bought it this way from a member here. Aside from this, the pedal is fully functional and is quiet. The proprietary part from EB is $51.99 + shipping. But if you don't need the pedal to stay in one place then it is fine. I value it at $25.


2. A couple of used Tremsetters. They work well but I'm out of Floyd Rose guitars so I don't need them anymore. I value these at $15 each.


3. Old-style white bridge model SD classic stack STK-S1 that is in great shape. I value it at $35.


4. Old Dimarzio dual-sound (super distortion with 4-conductors) that is OLD and was painted black (originally cream) by a previous owner. I value it at $30.


I would like to trade some combination of the above for a decent used SD JB trembucker, SD Custom trembucker, or a Dimarzio PAF Pro F-spaced, or similar. I prefer black but will take what I can get.



Thanks for looking.


P.S. I have about 250 positive feedback on Ebay and AR15.com with this same user ID and have done one or two deals here.

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