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LNIB: duncan sp90-2, looking to trade for another soapbar


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sp90-2 "hot" soapbar. http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seymour-Duncan-SP902-Hot-Soapbar-Pickup?sku=300058 shell is black.


this is a great pickup, it's just a bit dark sounding for my mahagony guitar. it sounds great, just perhaps not spot on for what I'm looking for. it has its full length of lead wires still and was purchased new just a few weeks ago.


I'm open to entertain trades for other soapbar pickups, probably should be similar value. I'm looking for something a bit brighter sounding.


edit: also open to trading for a decent dynamic mic, suited to micing an amp. sm57 or sm58 obviously, or if you have something else I'm open to it.

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